Why Some Toys are Popular with Kids?

Reasons Why Some Toys Are Extremely Popular Among Kids

Over the years, there are toys, regardless of their classifications, have been really loved by kids. Now, you will find a lot of toys like stuffed animals that turned out to be a great mainstream fad. Why does it happen? Why is it that some toys eventually get the attention of the world? With these questions, NPR has developed and presented a complete report associated with toys.

The overall view of the report states that this is not only about the toy itself. Rather, people have this trait of getting into what everyone else has one. Well, this is also applicable to children. Take note that human beings have been social creatures in nature. Thus, they want to feel or take part in everyone’s fun and activities.

However, this is not always the case. For instance, Barbie is a famous fairy tale character that has been known to the public 50 years ago. But until this new generation, most little girls and teens still recognize and like Barbie. As a matter of fact, this famous character comes in different items such as bags, playhouse, clothes, shoes, etc. Some individuals have been made it as a collectible item.

Yet, you should know that it is not only Barbie that has caught the attention and interest of many people. There are still other widely renowned from various parts of the globe because of their distinctive character traits and physical features.

The Trend

For years, an economist at the University of Washington named Mario Bergman tried to figure out the answers to the previously given questions for several years. Bergman thought that this is the combination of psychology and marketing. He even said that kids and people, in general, do not really know something that is cool.

Some people are naturally born as ‘cool’ and try to create different trends while others simply follow them. Thus, these people want to feel that they belong by providing themselves with the same stuff. Another reason why there are toys that become a fad among kids is the pricing. If a particular toy is really costly, the tendency is that people will not care to buy it. However, the situation is also true on its opposite outlook. If the item is too cheap, the chance is that buyers would perceive it as worthless. In other words, the toy must be in its right price to be recognized.

The Price

Obviously, children do not get all of these ideas since they do not understand prices, quality, etc. This aspect is for parents who will buy the item. Children simply view these things as something that is so cool and they want them. This leads to loving the items for more years even as when they grow up.

On the other hand, kids get bored easily if the toy does not bring anything to the table. This is the reason why there are toy fads that become beloved franchises while others remain one-hit-wonders. Now, the question is whether these fads are fine or if they take advantage of people’s trust. Generally, fads are not bad at all. Instead, they serve as a bridge to bring people together as they communicate and share common interests.

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