What the Future Holds for Traditional Toy Stores

What the Future Holds for Traditional Toy Stores

Parents and guardians across the globe have remained to purchase and acknowledge traditional games and toys. It is due to the fact that they still believe their contribution to the mental and physical development of their toddlers and children. Furthermore, issues concerning continuous rate in obesity and social media problems led to studies, debates, and strategies against such cases.

On the other hand, people have been wondering how the traditional toy shops will survive the recent challenges they go through. Here are the predictions about the future of traditional toys and their sellers which can answer some of your questions in mind:

1.    Starting in 2022, it is expected that traditional toy manufacturers will experience more difficulties in attracting customers, both children and adults, to purchase their products. Nowadays, the number of online toy stores continue to emerge and they have successfully improved shopper loyalty with their digital and modern products.

2.    STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths) toys are now being favoured by guardians and parents who aim to guarantee that their children and toddlers will become competitive academically. As new products are developed, these development toys for kids now become the focus for manufacturers and retailers.

3.    The priority now is on STEM-focused education. In this data-driven and digital world, most toys are being developed toward STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). Various brands encourage children and even adults to be builders. They integrate high-tech and digital twists into their products. Because of the continuous decline in sports engagement and obesity concerns, outdoor toys are now being encouraged over the traditional toys. In fact, this is the situation in most developed markets with several reports of an increased number of overweight and obese children.

4.    With the previous backlash against these androgynous (gender-typed) toys, there were suggestions of a change in direction when it comes to toy development. Organisations and experts in gender role development fields speak about the impact of genderisation of toys on children’s development and behaviour. Some sources even mentioned that to develop the academic, cognitive, physical, artistic and musical skills of kids, parents should look for toys that are not gender-type.

Moreover, old-school toy manufacturers and brands become high-tech and advance. Their first releases of toys have adapted the latest trends of products. They are already available in app-integrated programs, controllable via connected devices, and a lot more. As a parent, you should know what to prioritise for your kids because your choice of these toys depends on how you want them to grow and behave.