Top Tips to Make your Plush Toys Last Longer

Secrets To Make Your Stuffed Animals Last Longer

Giving an utmost care and attention to stuffed toys is important more than what most people know. Proper upkeep minimises the chances of tear and wear while the stuffed animals remain in their good shape and color. Adequate care means giving your beloved toys more time to be with you and accompany you when you are alone. You should learn that maintenance and care for such things do not have to very complicated and time-consuming. The truth is that there are simple, easy and cost-efficient ways to take good care of these toys.

  1. Handheld Vacuum Cleaner – One trick for better upkeep of stuffed animals is by using this type of vacuum cleaner. This machine works well for your toys that did not acquire a lot of dirt which means a few dusting will do. However, you must not forget that your handheld vacuum cleaner should not be set at its highest setting. Failure to do so can cause damage to the hair or the fur of your little furry buddy.
  1. Damp Cloth – Another way to clean your stuffed toy is by using a damp cloth. Note that there can be some small stains on your toy. The good news is that these can be treated in an instant. For instance, you accidentally poured juice on your toy’s limb. Do not panic or worry a lot. You do not have to put it in the laundry for washing. Just see to it that the cloth is clean enough and in white so you can prevent transferring of stains or colors to the toy.
  1. Warm Water and Mild Detergent – As part of your stuffed animals’ maintenance, it is advised to conduct a schedule of cleaning them on a regular basis. You have to wash or clean them so often making it a part of your daily or weekly cleaning routine. In fact, there are stuffed toys that can be washed in a machine or by the hands. For both types of washing methods, you can use a mild washing detergent and warm water. Get rid of using bleach in any means for this can ruin the materials used in the toy. If you preferred machine wash, do not forget to put the toys in a pillow case or a mesh bag for better protection. To dry, use a handheld dryer machine.
  1. Put Them Away From Intense Heat – Avoid exposure of the stuffed animals under direct heat for a long period. It is applicable to storing, washing and even drying. Remember that a high temperature causes fading of colors while other accessories tend to melt.
  1. Storage Areas – Store your stuffed toys in a dry and cool place. Make sure that it will be completely away from moisture. The best options for storage areas are toy chests, cabinets, and open shelving. However, see to it that such locations will be away from parts of the room that often develop humidity. Moisture is inviting to rodents, molds, and insects.
  1. Wide Toothed Brush – Always do brushing of your stuffed animals’ hair or fur. As time gets longer, their hair gets frizzy and tangled. Think about it as your own hair wherein you used to comb it regularly to stay beautiful and free from tangle. To maintain their beauty, you can use a wide hair brush or at least your bare hands to comb through your toys.

By considering all these little tricks, you can guarantee the beauty of your stuffed animals without exerting a lot of time and effort. You can be sure enough that these will stay with you even as you become a grown up. Now you know enough about proper care and upkeep for your stuffed animals, enjoy!