Teddy Bears as Hotel Amenities for Guests

Teddy Bears As Hotel Amenities For Guests

Most individuals look at their stuffed animals more than just simple things or toys. For them, these are the things that will make their nights more comfortable and more relaxing. They are needed for a good sleep. With these ideas, some hotels thought of including teddy bears as a part of their amenities.

Such cool idea came from a New England Toy Company which offers custom-made teddy bears and other stuffed animals to companies and hotels. In most cases, these stuffed toys have been based on the given mascot of the company. If a particular company does not have one, this toy company can help design or create its own. There are hotels that prefer to use the traditional and simple type of teddy bear or stuffed animals.

In a release, Josh Livingston of New England Toy Company stated that they know that stuffed toys served as items that people want to keep forever. They perceive them like real human beings. Thus, stuffed toys will be given as a form of free gifts to resort and hotel guests. Or, they can be sold in gift shops as an item to remind the guests of their great experience in that location.

Mr. Livingston also added that with the company service, hotels do not have to be limited to the off-the-shelf or stock stuffed toys which have a shirt with the hotel logo on it. Rather, they can enjoy completely customised stuffed toys that carry their logo which will be directly printed or embroidered on the toy. Or at least, they will turn the stuffed toy like the company character or mascot. This toy company manages the logistics which involve custom clearance, delivery to the hotels and safety testing.

He also said that they start with distinguishing if the stuffed animals can be a free gift to the guests or if the hotels want to sell these things in a gift shop. This way, the company will be able to create the right size and set the best price that fit within the budget. Then, the team discusses if they have ideas for some characters or animals. Otherwise, they will research what specific animal is native to the hotel location to develop the most appropriate animal.

Mr. Livingston also stated that many hotels seek to provide teddy bears as free gifts. Others would just put the stuffed animal in the rooms to wait for the new owners. On the other hand, there are hotels that still ask their guests at check-in if they prefer having a stuffed animal or not.

They had a good feedback with different hotels that re-order the typical stuffed animal or teddy bear each year. The company can also decide to create another animal for the year. Some of the clients that have already tried this idea are Four Seasons Beverly Hills in California, Planters Inn in Savannah, The Ritz Carlton Chicago, Grand Wailea and a Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Hawaii.