Stuffed Toys and Empathy in Children

Ways to Use Stuffed Toys In Promoting Empathy Among Children

Stuffed animals and other kinds of toys aid in the development of children in various aspects. More than these basic skills to learn, these toys foster the development of good traits, too. One character that may be developed among the children is empathy. It is understood that there are individual differences and that there should be different ways to deal with each.

Fostering empathy has been always a great thing. This is about raising a child or a person with love and appreciation for simple things around him. This leads to being caring to other people as well. Emphatic persons tend to be quiet, gentle and thoughtful. These people usually stay away from brash and loud while they prefer to act rather than talk. Moreover, they have a more caring attitude for animals, too.

For children who are empathic, they tend to be labeled as overly shy, withdrawn, or too sensitive. These kids end up being forced and pressured by other people to act differently. Rather than giving them such problem, the best thing to do is to support them by involving them in various activities.

Now, it is the stuffed animals for Children that play a special role in this process. Let them show that it is so fine to be gentle and quiet. You can demonstrate these acts through stuffed animals. These soft toys help children grow and learn more about their feelings and themselves. A creative play with these stuffed toys gives a balance between their empathy and interaction with others. Make it a point that kids will realize that they need to and can show care to other people and things around them. Emphasize balance between emotions and feelings which are an important factor in the child development. Thus, it leaves a good effect on the kids’ lives.