Stuffed Animals in a Baby’s Crib: What You Should Know

Best Time to Add Stuffed Animals To Your Baby’s Crib

Stuffed animals are the best buddies of babies and toddlers. They always go together, especially when sleeping. While everything looks so perfect when they are with one another, there are some things that parents need to learn. Unfortunately, stuffed toys may also bring harm to your little ones. While they are with them for a prolonged period, the risks of having SIDS increase. Generally, these soft toys bring numerous advantages both to the babies and the parents. There are certain institutions and associations such as the American Academy of Pediatrics or AAP that suggested to give stuffed animals to the children to comfort them.

Stuffed animals help babies or toddlers fall asleep easily or get relieved when they are worried or stressed. For health experts, they call these toys as “transitional objects” designed to guide children in transition from being dependent to being independent.

However, these products can also cause danger to the sleeping babies. First of all, when they accidentally fall onto your baby, these can cause suffocation. It is due to the reason that your little child is still weak to move this thing away from him. Thus, you should put the stuffed animal with your baby just before sleeping. As soon as he gets comfortable with his sleeping position, you can remove the toy out of the crib. This is also applicable to blankets and pillows. It works well if you use well-tucked sheets.

When your baby reached one year old, it is time to include a plush toy into his crib while sleeping. However, see to it that you minimise the number of plushies in the crib. In addition to this, you have to check the stuffed animals prior to putting them beside your baby in the crib. Look for hard eyes, buttons or any detachable pieces that may pose a choking hazard to him.

Remember, stuffed toys are made to give a sense of comfort and companionship to your babies. Therefore, they must be safe to be with at all times.