Polar Bear Stuffed Animals: Why White Bears Are Kids’ Favorite

Polar Bear Stuffed Animals: Why White Bears Are Kids’ Favorite

There is a wide range of bear stuffed animals in every toy store, but among the popular ones for kids are white bears or polar bears. Something seems to attract kids about these stuffed bears that make others wonder. Well, for some, they think that the white color seems calmer to look at than those in darker tones. Also, there are parents who like getting white bears as dirt and small choking hazards are easily seen.

What Makes These White Bears Special

Anyone may come up with different reasons why white bears or most particularly polar bears are most popular with kids. Well, basically, these stuffed animals represent real polar bears. Yes, they may look like a real polar bear. However, unlike the real thing, this one allows kids to cuddle them at night and be their best friend. Also, this type of toy comes in different sizes. So, this makes it easy for any parent to buy a papa and mama bear and also a cub. There are also those prefer oversized ones as they can be used as an additional pillow or keeps small children sit upright as they can lean on it.

In addition, there are a lot of fluffy polar bear stuffed animals that you can find in stores that are sure to make anyone feel warm, especially during the cold season. These bears, like other stuffed animals, can lie down on either its back or stomach or just sit on top of your bed when not in use. Anyone will love how soft these toys are, especially when you get one from a credible manufacturer. Both kids and adults would love hugging and cuddling whenever they want.

Why Kids’ Love White Bears More

Though there are more types of bears available in shades of brown, there are also those available in different colors while others are plain white. There are a few reasons why these type of stuffed animals are more popular with kids like the following:

1. Kids get to see the details of the animal easily

One thing that makes kids’ stick with their stuffed toys is that most have realistic eyes and they easily see the details of the bear. Most kids would only read or see polar bears in books, but they get excited when they can touch and hold a real-like toy. They are imaginative and would simply say that their bear is happy or friendly with the details. Also, kids prefer light-colored toys than dark ones.

2. They don’t get scared of its color

Kids’ reactions to toy colors vary. However, kids will less likely react negatively when they see white or light colored bears. Kids who often throw tantrums or those with anxiety may feel calmer with seeing this color instead of darker ones.

Aside from the fact that stuffed white bear toys have a resemblance with real polar bears, kids have different reasons why they prefer white ones over darker ones. For parents who are planning to buy stuffed animals for kids, it is best that you let them pick the color to make sure that they’d love the bear when you give it to them.