Plush Toys for New Born Babies

Stuffed Animals for New Born Babies

Newborn babies love hugging, holding and playing with soft toys. Aside from providing quality play time, stuffed animals also help in the overall development of your baby such as improving his visual and aural stimulation. Newborn babies get some good sleep when they cuddle soft toys as they get a feeling that someone is around. Stuffed animals are made from various kinds of materials that are non-toxic and safe for kids. You don’t need to worry about your child biting into the toy during his teething period as the fabrics and materials used are non-hazardous.

There are some things that you need to consider when buying stuffed animals for newborn babies. One of these is to avoid toys with long hair or fur. Since newborn babies like to taste everything they see, you should avoid getting toys with long hair and fur to prevent your child from accidentally swallowing something. You should also wash the toy. Since stuffed animals for newborn babies are mostly crafted from fabrics, these toys must be washed.

If taken care of properly, stuffed animals can last for years and stay in good shape. These toys are mostly lacking electronic or mechanical parts, so you don’t need to worry about breakdown or malfunction issues. In fact, these toys can be passed down to younger kids. Stuffed animals for newborn babies are guaranteed to keep your little one happy and entertained for hours. If you are looking for cheap stuffed animals, you may want to consider handmade toys since these items are more affordable than factory-made ones. This means that you can get more toys even with a small amount of budget.

How to Keep Stuffed Animals Clean for your Babies

Knowing how to keep stuffed animals for newborn babies is very important. Germs and dust accumulate on the toys if you don’t wash them. There are various ways to wash, disinfect and keep the toys clean without damaging them. Start by reading the label on the stuffed animal. You can also check the material it’s made of to see how delicate it is. Look up for some information on how to wash the material the toy is made of.

A lot of stuffed toys are machine washable. Some toys, however, need to be hand washed. Most toys that don’t have any label could possibly endure a washing machine cycle. However, it is still best to check the kind of material it’s made of. Use cold water and the most delicate cycle to keep the colors vibrant. You can also use some fabric softener to keep the stuffed animals cuddly and soft. Avoid stuffing the washing machine too full as plush toys absorb water well and become heavy. Use the tumble dry or fluff/air cycle when you put the plush toys in the dryer. You can also use dryer sheets since stuffed animals can produce a good amount of static.

More delicate toys need home dry cleaning. If the toys are quite fragile, you can consider a brand that offers dry cleaning bags. Place a few plush animals in the dryer and set it on low setting. Follow the instructions and you will have clean and fresh smelling toys. In case the plush animal has plastic parts like the nose and eyes, the dryer method might just suit your needs.  A lot of plush animals have glued-on plastic and the glue can loosen under extreme heat, so putting plastic plush toys in the washer and dryer and allowing a regular run might damage the items.

Follow these tips and you can surely keep your stuffed animals for years. You can then pass down these toys to other kids.