Plush Doll vs. Regular Doll: Which One is Better?

Is a Plush Doll Better than a Regular Doll??

Parents preparing to buy toys for their kids this holiday season may have the same problem like the previous years in choosing between a plush toy and a regular doll. Yes, there are different types of toys one can choose from, but for smaller kids, parents would often end up torn between stuffed animals and regular toys.

Given that kids’ preferences change a lot, there are times when parents just get the most popular toy and wish that their kids would love it. However, as a parent, you always to make sure that the item is something that your kids will not only enjoy playing with but is appropriate for their age. So, how can you tell if a plush toy is better than a regular doll? Or the other way around? Get to know some facts about these two options.

Facts You Should Know about Plush Dolls and Regular Dolls

When talking about dolls, many would end up confused as to what the term really refers to. Generally, doll refers to any toy that represents a human being. Thus, making Barbie dolls and rag dolls the same. The only difference is the material used in making the toy.

Now, what you need to know is the difference between the two types of dolls and below is a set of facts about a plush toy:

1. These are soft toys that are either designed with or without detachable parts or accessories.

Most plush toys are in forms of little girls with embroidered details of the face. There are also those that are designed with buttons as eyes and are sewn to avoid getting removed easily. Some of these plush toys come with a set or two of clothes for changing the outfits when your child wants to while some have clothes intact.

These are washable and can be used as a cuddly toy. Also, these are available in different sizes.

2. Can be used with other stuffed animals

This helps in improving a child’s imagination in the interaction of his or her stuffed animals and plush dolls. Just make sure that you get plush dolls that are hypoallergenic and suitable for your child’s age.

After some facts about plush dolls, the following are some for regular dolls:

1. Regular dolls resembles a human figure more

Regular dolls look exactly like humans plus accessories. It is interactive as there are those designed to talk or drink from a feeding bottle. These are also great gift options for kids, but are most suitable for kids 7 and up. Usually, these toys come with accessories that your younger children may swallow accidentally and cause a choking hazard.

2. Come with different options

Most kids would love these options as there is a wide range of options to choose from. From ordinary Barbie dolls to action figures, you will not run out of gift options.

Choosing Between the Two

In choosing between the two, you have to consider the age of the kids and also the design of the toy. This is one way of ensuring that your kids will enjoy playing with it upon opening.