How to Improve Your Sleep with Plush Toys

Improve The Quality of Your Sleep With Stuffed Animals

A recent survey conducted by Best Mattress Band unveils that stuffed animals aid in improving the quality of sleep of a person. In fact, millennials consider this as a fact since they do the same thing. They sleep with their stuffed toys and hug them to feel comfortable. These adorable soft toys leave an impact to the kids and even adults.

Moreover, doing such habit when sleeping has both benefits and drawbacks. The survey states that millennials are those who used to sleep with their stuffed animals as they grow up. About 16 percent of this age group admits that they are still sleeping with their stuffed animals. On the other hand, 8 percent of the X Generation admitted the same statement while only 2 percent of the baby boomers. In fact, there are well-known millennials have been sleeping with their stuffed toys such as Amy Schumer. Schumer’s then-boyfriend did not quite like such habit.

A total of 2 percent though said that they have been bothered each time that a person is sleeping with these stuffed animals.  Some even gave an ultimatum to other persons to stop doing that. However, this survey also presents that dolls and special blankets are things that bother many people the most. As a matter of about 30 percent and 29 percent of them, respectively.

For those respondents who are sleeping with their stuffed animals have been reported to gain more benefits. Scientists present additional data from the previous surveys of 1920 in order to compare results. The most recent survey presented that there is 72 percent of individuals who sleep with stuffed animals state that they toss and turn while sleeping even as adults. Yet, those who have been sleeping with these things no longer snore.  Scientists believe that it is the habit that makes people want to sleep with these toys. But for most people believe that it is the warm and cuddly features of stuffed animals that make one feel relaxed.