How To Differentiate High-Quality Stuffed Animals from Poor-Quality Ones?

How To Differentiate High-Quality Stuffed Animals from Poor-Quality Ones?

As the holiday season comes, there will be more people who will go to different toy stores and look for affordable yet high-quality stuffed animals. However, there are people who are keen enough to notice the quality of one toy from the other, there are also those who may not notice this easily. This is the main reason why there are people who end up getting poor-quality ones.

If you are one of those people who doesn’t want to end up with the same situation as others who overlooked the quality of toys they bought, it is best that you know how to differentiate toys. This way, you can make sure that you will not be wasting money on something that you don’t even want to receive for any occasion. You need to be more observant of the items you are choosing from before you can even buy.

Ways to Differentiate High-Quality Stuffed Animals from Poor-Quality Ones

There are simple ways that you can do to differentiate high-quality stuffed toys from those that are not. Some of the things that ways you can try are:

1. The fabric used

One way to tell if a plush toy is high–quality is the fabric used. A high-quality toy would feel soft and as a smooth pile. Pile is a fabric’s raised surface. Since these toys are meant to be hugged and will be stretched in the long run, it should be durable as well. Toys with the high-quality fabric used would definitely give you more cost savings, unlike a low-quality toy that feels rough and wears out easily.

2. Stuffing of the plush toys

The quality of a stuffed toy is mostly determined by its softness. Thus, the need to know the feel of the stuffing. A poor-quality toy is usually stuffed with low-grade material that tends to clump. Hence the lumpy feel. On the other hand, a high-quality toy is made of a smooth material that bounces back to its shape when you give it a squeeze. When choosing, give the toy a squeeze and if it bounces back without feeling rigid, then you found a high-quality stuffed animal.

3. Safety and overall design

Since you are giving the toys to children, you have to ensure that the manufacturer of the toy is working with a fully accredited laboratory specialising in testing products for children. These are usually included with the packaging, but if not you can call the manufacturer for safety requirements. Regarding the design, high-quality toys usually have unique designs that meet exactly what their market needs. Most have fresh designs and can’t be easily seen elsewhere, except authorised distributors. Basically, you can’t expect all of these from poorly-made stuffed animals.

4. Quality assurance

What makes a high-quality plush toy way different from low-quality ones is the fact that they went through thorough quality assurance process. Most of the time, manufacturers have other teams overseas to check on the quality of the products.

The next time that you are planning to look for stuffed animals and only want to get high-quality items, better check the factors provided above to get the best possible items.