How Plush Toys and Stuffed Animals Can Motivate Your Children to Read more Books?

Stuffed Animals Are Great Motivators For Children To Read Books

Children’s best time is play time with their favorite stuffed toys or stuffed animals. It is where they develop creative and imaginative stories and scenarios with these things play a very important role. Play times must not only be all about putting all toys and stuff in a place and leave your child alone with them. As a matter of fact, these hours of the days are an ideal time for reading and learning. This is what a recent study stated about how stuffed animals motivate kids to read and learn.

Several researchers from Kyushu University, Okayama University, Osaka Institute of Technology and Kanazawa University in Japan have been the contributors or authors of such study. They discovered that sending stuffed animals to a stuffed animal library sleepover helps kids a lot.

These stuffed animal sleepovers have been widely known with libraries across the United States. At present, libraries in other countries also begin to organize the same events. These events take place during daytime when children and parents bring their stuffed animals to the library. There are other activities conducted such as reading stories and a few games. Then, toddlers and kids will leave while their stuffed toys stay for a night.

Toys spend the evening with library staff who is in charge of the photos taken during the activities. Stuffed toys being played and children read books and having fun. In the next morning, parents and children come back to pick up their stuffed toys including a few simple gifts. They also have the photos of the events in the previous day.

These activities have a big impact on the learning and development of the children as presented by the study. The research team has delved deeper into exploring the activities of forty-two preschool children as respondents. They observed their behavior for a couple of days before the sleepover. The study took place on the same day, three days later and a month later. The main objective of the research is to distinguish how long the kids will get interested to read more after all the events.

Prior to conducting the sleepover, children do not care about the books placed at the preschool’s play area. Right after conducting the sleepover, more than half of them read books to their respective stuffed toys. Unfortunately, after 3 days, the effect has worn off.

Afterwards, the researchers have presented the kids with some photos of the previous events once again. The result can be marked as impressive since most of the kids started reading stories to their stuffed animals. By analyzing the scenario carefully, it can be stated that it is possible to motivate children to read more. The most significant requirement to stay present is the stuffed animal. This can be a lovely thought for those who are having a hard time motivating their children to read books and pay attention to what is being discussed. Stuffed toys work more than any typical toys can do.