Best Penguin Stuffed Animals for Sale

Best Penguin Stuffed Animals for Sale

Penguins are cute and there are things in them that make them popular and adorable. You’ll find them cute with their wadding walk and their tuxedo hue. Many people love penguins but not everyone is blessed to see these animals in person as they exist only in some parts of the world. Good thing, penguins are made available for everyone through the web in a form of the best penguin stuffed animals for sale. With these toys, everyone has the chance to make the world see how much they love penguins. Having one is the next best thing to owning a teddy bear.

Fun Facts About Penguins

There are estimated 17 species of penguins that exist on Earth. These animals are 3 ½ feet high and weigh as much as 75 pounds or more. In their total population, you may find some small penguins and the smallest of them is known as the Little Blues or Fairy Penguin. These names were coined due to their grey and blue coloured feathers. The Little Blues is only 16 or 17 inches in height and weighs roughly 2 pounds. This kind of penguin can be found only within the Southern Hemisphere, covering 3 countries namely New Zealand, Australia and Tasmania where the weather is warm and good for the Little Blues. A Fairy Penguin lives until it reaches the age of 7 while the Emperor Penguins may live for 50 years.

A French Documentary known as the March of the Penguins was produced in 2005. This is a good and clear presentation of how the Emperor Penguins take their yearly journey across Antarctica wherein a few of the coldest climate conditions on the planet exist. When fall comes in, the five-year-old Emperor Penguins leave their habitat and they head inland until they reach a perfect place for breeding. It is where the male and female penguins start searching for a mate, and every female penguin will lay one egg. Penguin stuffed animals can be bought ideally in pairs to mimic this amazing yearly ritual. Kids would be fascinated without a doubt by this incredible story in the lives of penguins.

These animals are classified as a member of the bird family but they can’t fly. They are aquatic and live mostly in the Southern Hemisphere. If the real birds have wings, penguins have flippers so they can swim. Penguins eat different kinds of aquatic creatures such as squid and fish. They also spend half of their lives in the sea and even under the water as they could stay immersed for as much as 18 minutes. Another half of their lives is spent on land.

Penguin stuffed animals come in various sizes and they look the same with the birds they’re modelled after. Made with a synthetic plush coat, these stuff toys make children see and understand how a penguin looks like. If you want to buy one for your child, make sure that you go for the greatest choices available when it comes to penguin stuffed animals. Look for the most popular brands, and make the most of the hottest deals for these toys online.