A Word of Caution about Plush Toys

Dangers and Warnings about Stuffed Toys

Though plush toys or most commonly called as stuffed toys are considered as some of the most kid friendly toys, they still bear risks. Parents should know that all types of toys always come with warnings from manufacturers. You should be wary of these warnings and know how to put your child away from danger.

Common Dangers with Stuffed Toys

Though there are not really a lot of dangers, it is still best that you are aware of these in picking toys. Putting your child’s life in danger just because of a plush toy you bought is the last thing you’d want to experience.

  1. These Toys Can Cause Suffocation

One of the most common causes of suffocation or sudden death to children younger than 12 months is suffocation. Yes, the sight of many stuffed animals in the crib is pleasant. However, these toys can also be the reason for suffocation. These toys can gather the carbon dioxide in your baby’s crib that can affect his or her breathing. Sometimes, if your child tends to toss and turn, one of the toys may accidentally stumble over his face and cause asphyxiation.

  1. May Cause Choking

Stuffed toys like bears and other animals always have these buttons and detachable eyes on them. These may cause choking. Remember that children tend to put any objects in their mouth. With this in mind, it is necessary that you check the toys you give your child before leaving it to them.

  1. Root of Germs or Bacteria

No matter how difficult a stuffed toy seemed to wash or clean, it is often necessary that you wash them properly. This is true especially for kids who always carry their toys with them whether they play inside or outside the house. It is important that you wash stuffed toys right after your child used it as cuddling buddy while they were sick. This will prevent the spreading of the germs or virus in your home.

  1. Cause of Allergic Reaction

When left unwashed, dust and molds can develop and cause allergic reactions. If you tend to collect stuffed toys for your kids and leave the rest on display, it is best that you leave a few in your children’s rooms. You can keep the other toys in a separate room and keep them all tidy and dust-free. These can all prevent the spread of mold and dust that can cause allergies.

These are just some of the common dangers with stuffed animals or toys. Keeping these in mind will help you keep your children safe around these toys.

Warnings When Giving Stuffed Toys to Kids

Regardless of how safe you think one toy is from another, nothing beats the keen eyes of parents in inspecting every toy they give to their children. So, as a guide on warning signs for stuffed toys, you can check out the following:

  1. Check The Eyes and The Nose of Stuffed Animals.

As mentioned these toys can cause choking hazards, so, you might want to check if the eyes and nose are attached securely. This also includes other accessories attached to the stuffed toy to make it more appealing to kids.

  1. Be Wary of Strings or Wires

Make sure that the toys don’t have wires in them. Even if the manufacturer says that the wires are covered, long-term of use can cause the wires to poke and harm children. As much as possible, get rid of those with strings or ribbons. They can also cause choking or suffocation.

  1. Ensure Seams are Sturdy and That It’s Washable

Remember that these toys should always keep stuff that should be inside kept where they belong. Also, check if the toy is washable. Germs, dirt, dust, and allergens accumulate quickly in these toys. So, make sure they are washable.

With these things in mind, you’ll get to know how to protect your children around stuffed toys while they enjoy playing with them.